Saturday, September 27, 2008

Belle Armoire and Returning Glass

I sent the jewelry off to the photographer for Belle Armoire Jewelry magazine some time ago, and the results were fabulous, the pieces I sent were to illustrate the article on fusing enamel with glass.

When the jewelry has been gone for a while I seem to forget the pieces temporarily, and so when the box returning them arrives it's all a surprise again for me.

I was so pleased to see the glass jewelry again, one of the necklaces had been reserved for someone very patient for a very long time! And one was my own necklace, I took a deep breath when I put it into the package and it turned out it wasn't used for the article after all.

Now that they are back, I'm enjoying seeing them again, and I've re-listed them in the shop, and the very patient lady will get this necklace delivered.

I have another deadline in October to send pieces for a proposed submission for the spring issue - the waiting is so hard to see the finished magazine!


Cristi said...

Great pieces, Lynn!

LLYYNN said...

Thanks, Cristi - Glass is distinctive, there's nothing that looks or feels like it. I'm putting some in the kiln today, I always keep my fingers crossed when fusing, hoping for good results - and please no meltdowns - LOL!