Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Salvage and Secure

A thick faux gem of fused dichroic glass with deep coppery sheen inside, that had been ground and wrapped in metal weeks before the hurricane Ike landfall happened.

I put it down next to these two newly patinaed copper fleur de lis charms, and the copper in the charms matched the copper gleams in the glass - they called out to be next to this chunk of fused glass.

I made this piece with the Gulf Coast in mind, how all sorts of items wash up after such a storm, battered but surviving.

It reminds me of Louisiana and southern Texas Gulf Coast communities, the hardy determination to come out on the other side and keep moving forward.

There's a spot for a chain to go through at the top, and a loop for a dangle at the bottom. I could have finished it for a necklace but decided to leave it and let someone else finish its story by adding their own elements.


JenniferJangles said...

It's beautiful! You're spot on with the hurricane reference. I love the contrats between shiny and rusty. Super cool.

Terry said...

Well, it didn't take long for this bead to find an owner! I snatched this up as soon as I saw it, being a Hurricane Ike 'survivor' here in Houston. (We were one of the lucky ones, however.)

I can't wait to create something special, just for ME, with this beautiful pendant. Hurricane Ike holds another significance for me as well. You see, my precious mother passed away just a few days before and I spent many hours those first days just holed up in my studio. I was amazed by two things: how the juices were really flowing and how much solace I derived just by 'creating'. I made 3 items that week that I'll always treasure...and now this bead will be part of another.

I also spent my sweetest childhood years in Louisiana--and hit by more than one hurricane!--as well as many vacations in Galveston and Bolivar. I pray they recover.

You never knew one little bead could mean so much, didja? ;-)

Thanks, Lynn. xoxo

LLYYNN said...

Jennifer, your thoughts mean a lot, thanks for the feedback.

Terry, so glad this little bead 'found' you - I wish you the best always in recovering from so many life changes. It makes me happy that it passes from my hands to your, to add your own touches and tell your own story with it. Huzzah!!

HINT Jewelry Design said...

What a lovely remembrance of beauty, strength and courage.

LLYYNN said...

I wish I could find out how my old house on Galveston Bay held up, even though I don't live there any more I still feel connected.

Terry, when you add your touches and a dangle, if you do, I'd love a photo.

Amanda said...

What a beautiful piece!

I'm glad it reached out and touched someone personally, and conveyed your emotions as well. (: