Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sparkle Shine Drops

Frozen Liquid Fireworks

Cut some glass first thing and popped into the kiln. It has been fired and cooled down very slowly, and I just pulled these out of the kiln to take a look at the results.

These little sparklers haven't been ground, shaped and wrapped in metal yet, they look like little raindrops full of fireworks.

The dichroic glass fuses with this brilliant deep sparkle, it's an optical glass that was developed for scientific uses but glass artists discovered that it fused into these gorgeous shiny droplets.

There's nothing that looks like fused glass, with its translucence, depth and sparkling gem-like look.

The two blue drops would be great as earrings, they are very well matched. They have a sapphire blue color and deep sparkles, on a black glass background fused with the dichroic glass.

I may grind bevels onto some of these and fire polish, to give them a bit of a gemstone quality.

I noticed that the glass gems were almost all gone out of the expeditionD shop, so these will be there soon, if I don't give in to temptation to use them for a project myself.

The yellow-orange gem has a matte finish that reminds me of butterfly wings, or the shine on a bird's feathers. It reflects and refracts back the light that shine on it. I will shape it and make an oblong oval out of it, it's on translucent glass back so the light will shine through.

These will be set into metal wraps, loops added and made into charms and pendant drops. The clear glass sparklers will be fun to wear, the color worn behind them will change how they look so they will match anything - instant adaptability.

Like gazing stones, when you look deep inside them you can see into an image of tomorrow.


UberArt said...

Lovely! I like them, and the name is quite fitting!

Amanda said...

Those gorgeous deep blue rounds would look absolutely fabulous with the "five stack blue grey" beads in ExpeditionD. Or, they seem like they would - the colors might be miles apart in person.

You're so right about the beautiful depth of the glass. You could just fall into them! I think the round clear one is probably the.... is there even a word for that? depth-y-est?

LLYYNN said...

That's a good idea, Amanda - to combine the blue with the blue-grey beads, you have a good eye for color.

I'm thinking I will deeply bevel some of these so they look like sapphires or faux-diamond stones, then wrap them in a metal casing.

Depth-y-est is a great word!