Saturday, October 18, 2008

Glass Blast

Got some fused dichroic cabs out of the kiln last weekend, haven't shaped it yet, but isn't it shiny?

I must be part magpie, I love the glow and ripple beauty of the shiny glass. At first it's cool to the touch, and then it takes the heat of your hand and warms.

Like little molten fireworks in a glass case world. Or like those snow globes that you shake, only these hold sparkles of light instead of fake snow, flying from the light into your vision.

I wear a small engraved glass droplet on a ball chain, it holds the warmth from skin and reminds me what I do, when I'm somewhere else doing something else.

Which seems like most of the time.

But wherever I am, if you could see inside my head you'd know, I'm really thinking about glass and how to make it sparkle like magic gazing stones.


thebeadedlily said...

Lovely bits! Lovely glass, lovely thoughts.

LLYYNN said...

Glass is magical, transparent or opaque, solid or molten. It drapes itself over shapes, or balls up into round bubbles. There's nothing like it, shiny or matte.

Thanks for the kind words!

Amanda said...

I think we all have a little bit of magpie in us. ;)
These are so fascinating and pretty! I think that the magenta piece and the sort of burgundy-colored one are probably the prettiest of the lot. There's something very appealing about the rainbow shimmer in that deep reddish-brown color.