Friday, February 27, 2009

Color of Easter Eggs

It's been a really, really hard week at the day job. Lots of hard soul slogging things that have to be done, many deadlines. Rushing around, trying to do things so quickly and seeing the days go flying by, hectic. I need some time with the jewelry pliers in my hands. I need to WHAP some wire - REALLY HARD!

I mentioned that I had a bag of ceramic beads, with lovely colors and assorted shapes, that I got from Gaea. I've been dipping into the bag lately, the colors are so rich and sweet. Put together with brass and copper filigree, I made this pendant with a long metallic-looking dangle.

I made the square focal pendant, letting the colors in the ornate garden gate looking bead help me choose the beads. I found the oval, egg-shaped bead among the ones from Gaea, and it's a perfect match. The wire is annealed copper with a dark patina, and the rosy color of the copper goes really well with the salmon and rust colors in the square pendant.

The thing that brought it all together for me was the filigree, it brought all the pieces together like they were wrapped in a lace doily, delicate and brass colored framing.

It's listed in the Etsy shop, if you want to see more photos. Thanks, Gaea!


Gaea said...

That is a great use of the beads! I'm so glad you are enjoying them! The necklace is wonderful!

Lori Anderson Designs said...

That's just lovely!