Saturday, May 23, 2009

High Temperature Transformation

Learning to use a lot of different media interests me. Today I'm preparing some glass to go into the kiln, to make faux gemstones. I want to use some of them with the cast pewter, to make medallions that have that bright colored gloss of glass.

It all starts with sheets of fusible glass, some tools and a kiln. I'm preparing a load for the kiln now. I finally got the kiln and the glass-cutting station set back up. An electrician came last week to fix a circuit breaker and while here he installed a new outlet for me, dedicated to the kiln. So I'm trying it out today.

I've had this kiln for several years now, I use it for the glass and for silver metal clay.

Here are my tools that I use with the glass. I'm using some black, some clear and some dichroic glass. Later, when they have fused and cooled, I'll take the grinder to smooth out the edges and then do a bevel on them.

Glass facinates me, there's nothing that looks like the beautiful glass when it's fused.


susanc said...

I also love glass. Your "waiting" piece is really nice. I'm so glad I "found" your blog!

dogfaeriex5 said...

this is amazing! thank you for always sharing your ideas and thoughts, i wish i lived closer so i could look over your shoulder...xoxox

The Joy of Nesting said...


I'm looking forward to seeing the fruits of your explorations!!

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

sharon said...

This is a fascinating post to me since I know nothing of glass, just that I"m very attracted to it. It looks rather complicated, but your finished pieces always show your depth of work and love for it!