Saturday, June 13, 2009

Giving Gifts on my Birthday

I went to the post office and I found this wondrous lovely thing, addressed to me from Susan Erickson, who sat next to me in one of my Artfest classes. Today is my birthday, and this was a marvelous surprise!

I just LOVE the charming saying on the reverse side, "When Dottie practices cymbals, all the "do this, do that" demands were drowned out."

And there are her pair of cymbals, on her moveable limbs, all ready to drown out the demands of the day. Truer words were never written, and I've decided I need to make myself some little finger cymbals to wear in honor of it - jingle, jangle, ting-a-ling!

If you look on my Artfest blog you'll find photos of her book pages, she makes the loveliest things and uses stitching and all kinds of neat things on her work. The envelope had stitching all along the edges and the address was stitched onto it, too. Susan is so creative and fun, don't you agree?


In honor of an unexpected gift to me, and today being my birthday and all, I thought I'd announce the giveaway winner. There's really nothing better than giving especially on your own birthday celebration!

The Random Number Generator picked out a number - drum roll please!

It's Kristen at WakingBeautyDesigns! If you click where it says "Send an Email to the Ringleader of LLYYNN" and send me your mailing address, I'll send the "Sweet Dreamer" box bead out to you.

All your posted comments were so helpful, I basically learned that I should make more 3-D beads like this box bead, and that wings, birds and hearts are good themes, also travel related ideas.


For giving me your feedback, if you posted on either day, on
June 3 Weathervane or June 4 Giving Special Gifts:

When you buy something from either shop it's BOGO - Buy One Get One of equal or lesser value - please send me a CONVO message first so I know to adjust the items and reserve for you.

And if you commented on both posts - you will get FREE SHIPPING on your next purchase, too!

How's that for giving gifts on one's own natal day? Thanks, my friends. And especially thanks to Susan for her special gift to me.

(PS - if you would like me to make a 3-D bead box similar to this for you, with specific words or names on it, send me an email ... I'll be working on making some more in the next few days!)


Kristin said...

I won! I won! I finally won something! And it was something I really, really wanted! Hooray! Happy dance!!!! Thank you Lynn! I am off to email you now. And I love Dottie and her cymbals. I think I need to get a set!!

Lorelei said...

Hope you have a wonderful Birthday Lynn!!

sharon said...

Happy Birthday Lynn!

Congrat's won a terrific piece....we'll wait to see what you do with it!!

And thanks Lynn for giving everyone a gift...that's a great deal!

Marie Cramp said...

Happy Birthday!! I hope you have a fantastic weekend :)


Kristin said...

And, oh my gosh, in my excitement I totally forgot the most important thing - Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Lynn. I am sending you big birthday hugs from the other side of the state.

Stacey said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Hope it is wonderful!

Rosanne said...

Happy Birthday Lynn!

stregata said...

Have a wonderfully Happy Birthday, Lynn! I hope you get many more wonderful surprises!!

SummersStudio said...

Happy Birthday!!!!!

And I love the cymbal saying. I think I need some cymbals. I think we all need them!

Congrats to Kristing.

No Easy Beads said...

Happy Birthday Lynn from New Orleans!
Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Thank you, my friends! My hubby and the girldog got me a new studio light, the kind with the built-in magnifier. It's so great for those times when I'm working with teensy, tiny beads! And I got a set of four new collet sizes for my dremel, now I can use those teensy diamond drill bits I've had but couldn't use yet. YAY!

And I'm asking please, to help me, if you are using the BOGO or free shipping, please send me a message first, I might forget who-what-when and I don't want to disappoint!

TesoriTrovati said...

Happy Birthday Lynn! I am going over to see what goodies I can find from your shop. What a great idea for a giveaway! (I am having one at my blog to celebrate my two years in business...chocolate and a necklace.)
Enjoy the day!