Friday, July 31, 2009

Rosebud Daffodil Artfriends GET WELL CARD

It's almost August 1. I have several family birthdays coming in August. The seasons are rolling by, the days are shortening just a bit, now that the longest day of the year is past. I made this pair of earrings a while back, with little roses and bee charms as the dangles, I need to make some more for myself.

I'm planning to carve out some time to make some jewelry out of my own components, a publishing deadline and a swap exchange are both all finished and everything is shipped out. The slate is clear and I can start to think about new ideas. I'll share more about the exchange soon, I don't want to spoil any surprises!

I also love seeing what other talented artists are doing with some of the things I've created. These two little rosebud charms, with oversized darkened loops on the top, were just meant for earrings when I made them. But of course there's a world of possibilities on how to make those earrings.

This photo shows the little
rosebuds made into earrings by Lorelei Eurto. I just love how she used the large top loop to attach all the little dangly colors, it looks like berries or rosehips, with the stylized flowers showing for a little glam.

They're on sale in her shop right now! Treat yourself to a pretty new pair of summer earrings while the roses are still blooming in the yard, and wear them later when the snows are deep.

Thanks Lorelei - these are gorgeous! I love how they turned out, they need to find their special pair of ears to adorn... (I just found out she's been in hospital - GET WELL SOON, LORELEI - I planned this post before I knew you were under the weather, I must have had you on my mind!)

And Lorelei used one of my other flower connectors, the daffodil, to make this beauty.

It's fantastic, you can read more about the necklace on her blog!

And see way down at the bottom, the little fern leaf dangle, that's one of my pewter handcast charms too!

It's exciting to see what the little beads of summer leaves and flowers become in the hands of others. And now I need to make some myself!


Lorelei said...

Aww thanks Lynn!!! I am feeling tons better already!! Not to worry!

TesoriTrovati said...

That Lorelei is a masterful maker of beautiful things! Glad to hear she is feeling better. And you, Lynn, make exquisite pieces. Thanks for sharing!
Enjoy the day!