Sunday, September 13, 2009

Casting Styles, Timepiece Dials

Here are a few of the pieces I worked on during my week off, the fruits of my vacation days from the day job. The time seemed to fly past, no pun intended.

I had several styles percolating at once sometimes. Some very ornate and period, like the victorian clock looking piece. And the HOTEL VICTORIA PISA medallion with its italian flavor.

The clock face is rounded, with the inscription "CAFE DE LA TOUR PARIS" around the rim. I wanted it to look like a mantle clock. There's another one, too, with the words "PASTIS MARSEILLE" on it.

Do you remember the clock that ran backward in the movie about Benjamin Button? This oversized pendant reminds me of that clock, on the wall at the train station.

Or like an decorative pocket watch that someone once carried, with an advertisement around the rim. Maybe a prize or award.

Who knows why I make these things, it's just whatever is on my mind I guess.

In contrast there's the industrial style looking piece, with rivets and lines, looking like a dial from some machine. And the words "MAKE ART" set inside. Not all ornate and decorative. Just simple round disk, with a hole at the top for a jump ring. Like a metal dog tag.

Both with resin, both with cast pewter bezels. Totally different styles.

Both a little industrial and slightly steampunk I guess. Maybe?


Here are some interesting things I learned this week.

Old burnt-out drill bits are dull and don't like to drill through pewter.

Brand new drill bits are sharp and if you hold things with your fingers you may hurt your thumb. (no worries, nothing serious, just a scratch)

Resin that's just-mixed is sticky so wear an apron or old clothes you don't mind having small dots drop onto and make a series of interesting crusty spots on your clothing

Don't forget to wear safety glasses when clipping jump rings, those wire ends go shooting out like bullets (no worries, I didn't hurt my eyes)

Watch out for the sanding wheel in the dremel and keep it away from fingernails or you may very quickly see that you have a very strange-looking manicure (I do, but they'll grow back)


SummersStudio said...

Lynn, I aways love seeing and hearing about your creative process. Your eclectic approach to design and how what you are thinking, reading, or watching right now influences what you make brings it all together into a very nice special 'Lynn' aesthetic. Kudos!

LDWatkins said...

I love them all, especially the top one. Very nice.

The Joy of Nesting said...

A very productive week Lynn!!!

ahhhh the things we suffer and sacrifice for our art! :) My index fingers and thumbs are constantly ruff from wire wrapping so when I switch over to sewing it's tough to keep from snagging the fabric.

Pattie ;)
Mazatlan Mx.

forresterdesigns said...

Hi Lynn,

I like every one of the cast pieces...I especially love the clock but then again I like the industrial look...hmmm I can't's all cool!


LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Hi, everyone, thanks for the kind words. It's been a busy week and seemed so short somehow!

Hi, Cindy, is that your new blog! I'll have to go check it out, so good to see you and have you at the blog.

LeAnn, you're so kind, I'm sincerely happy you can see a Lynn Look, whatever that is, LOL.

Pattie, my hands look like I've been working on automobile engines instead of making jewelry, even though I was wearing gloves a lot of the time.

I like the little Pisa one too - and I just finished some earrings to match.

Well, better go eat dinner and get ready for the regular routine tomorrow. It will seem so odd!