Monday, March 15, 2010

New Work Looks Old

I had a productive weekend, I got some things shipped and some new things made.

When I get the chance to pour some resin, when the weather cooperates, it's almost like I get charged up with new ideas.

I created another of the pendant focals with the word "FAIRYTALE" inside, and with a small feminine bow tied on the bottom, like a little girl's fairy story dream.

And some fused glass in a pewter setting that reminds me of a lady's antique watch casing.

The glass changes color from a dark green to a dark violet, depending on how you hold it. I do love how the fused glass faux gemstones shine things up.

I made some more pewter pieces and added it all to the Etsy shop. It reminds me of a treasure trove you might find in an estate sale, or in a flea market, a little pile of goodies.

I made a faux cameo on a pewter setting. I need to fuse some more glass, and cast some pewter. And I'm working on a special project that may be for an article, got to set aside some time to work on that. Maybe I'll give a sneak peek before I send it off, the deadline is April 15.

My back is doing better, thanks for all the good suggestions.


SummersStudio said...

It is so pretty to see all of those pieces together. Happy your back is better.

jacquio said...

I really love those cheeky little cupids!

jacquio said...

or do I mean cherubs?