Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter From The Studio

It's temporary, I know this, it won't stay like this for very long. But I've spent the last three days, during my free time and at night, cleaning up the studio.

The kind of cleaning that takes everything off the table, wipes it down with heavy duty cleaner, and puts everything away in its rightful place.

Sad to say, I haven't cleaned like this since way,way before Christmas.

You know that time of year when it's super busy, many things going on. And it's very cold in the studio in the winter months, so I'm not motivated to do a deep cleaning.

But it seems springtime, the weather is sunny and warmer. Spring cleaning!

It was the time to get out the vaccum cleaner and bucket of cleanser and go after it.

I have areas where I work on various media. There's a place for the polymer clay work, painting and baking.

There's my buffer, all dusted and wiped down.

This workbench is usually a multi-colored area, deeply covered with many ongoing projects.

It looks so clean now!

And I did buy a torch but it isn't out of the wrapping yet. I don't have a soldering tripod, the fused glass shop was out of them, so I can't really get started with that. But I moved one of the rolling workcabinets over by the patio door and set up the things I have now, all ready to do more enameling. I'll get good ventillation there. In fact, if it's pretty weather I may roll that work cart out onto the patio and work outdoors.

Back in the corner is the messy part of the studio where I do the patinas, work with the soldering iron and grind the cast pewter. Right now it's sparkling clean.

I admit that I carefully avoided taking photos of the jewelry assembly desk, it's still all piled up with components, beads, chain and wire. But I promise that it's next on the list. I don't know about you, but I like to have things out and visible while I'm working, sometimes I get inspired that way. But there's a point where it's too messy to be able to work.

It feels good to have the shipping station cleared and the glass wiped clean and shiny. If you've ever ordered from me, I prepared your package right on that glass tabletop.

The workdesks are all cleaned up, now I can go to work! But I'll try to keep it cleaner from now on.

At least, for a while, anyway. Being creative is MESSY!
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mairedodd said...

being creative is messy, there are no two ways about it... it took a lot of work to get your studio all spiffed up... have fun with the space... but don't be too hard on yourself when it stops looking like this ... because then you will know you are doing what you love!

NuminosityBeads said...

That's the thing about mixed media work it takes you all over the place. I can make messes like you wouldn't believe!
Good job on the spring cleaning!


Karen Burns said...

Oh, nice and tidy! I've been spring cleaning, too. Hope your neatness (temporary :-) makes you feel as good as my neatness (temporary:-)


Riki Schumacher said...

WAAAAYYY to clean girl! It looks wonderful, but if its anything like my space, it will be piled up in two days! But great job Lynn. Love seeing where your little talented self does all that creating. Thanks for the pics. Hugs, Riki

LLYYNN - Lynn Davis said...

Yes, it's temporary, but somehow having it cleaned up makes me more conscious of keeping things put away. My hubby says "now you won't be able to find anything" - don't tell him that I spent 20 minutes looking for my Stazon ink pads and found them right beside the rubber stamps where I put them because it was logical! HA! Tricked myself again...

Hi, Kim, nice to have you on the blog. And sometimes I give myself permission to make huge messes, but after a while it starts to drive me crazy.

Yes, Riki, it's my home-inside-home that I spend a lot of early mornings and late nights in, thanks for the very kind words, you're a sweetie!