Saturday, February 23, 2008

Busy and Busiest

Hearts and Home

Doing the step-out photography for the image transfer magazine article tomorrow. Have to deliver next week.

Also have some glass-metal-found object collage projects to try, related to the 'medals' theme in mind.

Experimental fusing ideas to try.

Will post photos as things progress.

Also important, photographs for the Belle Armoire pieces that have returned, want to improve the ones on the Etsy site. Counting down to March 1 when the issue is available.

But first - here's are photos of the front and back of a 3-D house built of engraved glass and fused glass.

An idea that's been kicking around for a little while, decided to go ahead and try it out. The very dark patina took very well on the silver solder, makes the piece look very old.

From roof to floor this little charmer is an inch and a half tall. The charm on the front is fused glass with a heart shape embedded in it. The clear glass was engraved and painted before fusing, giving it that leafy look.
On the shot of the back the engraved glass shows up really well. It's totally enclosed, with roof, four walls and a floor of engraved ultra-thin glass, copper foiled and silver soldered.

Getting ideas for other things to try along these lines. FUN!

Also did two kiln fusing runs today, experimenting with enamels and more dichroic glass. Shaped the pieces, they are cooling in the kiln now.

So hard to wait until they are room temperature, but so important to let them anneal slowly.

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