Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Self-Serve Yogurt at Home

Yesterday I pulled out a gallon of organic milk and a starter of plain Fage Greek Yogurt and made eight cups of homemade yogurt.  If you've never made and tried homemade yogurt, it's so much better and tastier than store-bought, and can be made in quantity and stored in small pint mason jars in the refrigerator. 

For breakfast I made a bowl of blackberries and strawberries with fresh yogurt right out of the crockpot and some honey drizzled on top. 

While staying at home I'm trying to go as long as I can without making a trip to the grocery store.  Baking bread and making yogurt helps extend the time between trips to buy groceries. 

And bonus, it is fresh and tasty, too.

Go to my "It's a Yogurt Thing" post if you want to see the process in action. 

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