Monday, March 30, 2020

Why Is There No Bread In The Store?

Hello from socially-distanced Louisiana, where I have been baking bread at home because there is none in the grocery store to buy for sandwiches.

I posted a message on March 1 just to say hello, still here. And since then the Coronavirus Pandemic has come into full force, and here we are on March 30, staying at home to avoid spreading the virus.  Businesses, the museums, the library and schools are all shut down.

I had a bag of flour in the freezer and half a jar of yeast, so I started baking sandwich loaves when I couldn't find bread in the store, but now flour and yeast are in short supply.

I'm planning to make a big batch of yogurt today so I can avoid going to the grocery store.  Here is a link to my yogurt-making post, "It's a Yogurt Thing."

Life has turned upside down right now. Yesterday the Boyce Methodist Church held services on Facebook Live instead of in person, second Sunday with the church not open for live services.

I'm doing yard work while it's not raining. I've cleaned the house and pulled out some half-finished knitting projects to complete while staying at home.  Thinking of doing some french lessons on Rosetta to brush up my dormant french.  Using this time as an opportunity, until this crisis passes and the country goes back as much as possible to what we're used to seeing.  Stay positive, stay home, stay healthy.

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