Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Mental Picture Looked Different

Or Try, Try Again

  1. Learning and experimenting with the enamels - not as translucent as hoped. Succeeded in creating a muddy image, not what was pictured. Funny thing with glass, it looks one way going into the kiln and a totally different way after firing. Have to do a mental conversion ... and lots of testing.

    Will NOT be posting a photo of the results of last night's firing. But that's often what learning is, right? Pushing the edges to see 'what happens if' and trying it out to see! And it's only glass so it's okay to try.

    What was learned while working with enamels:

Do NOT use hands to scratch eyes no matter how itchy
Do NOT sneeze
Always wear an apron
Colors do not behave like inks, fabric dyes or paints
First fuse should only be a tack fuse (1300 degrees F) not full fuse (1500 degrees F)
Be sure all liquids are dry before fusing to avoid bubbles (unless bubbles are wanted)
Fired enamels do NOT scratch off (be sure colors are where you planned)Colors will be matte until top layer of clear glass is fused over

All very useful things to know.

Have drawn the blueprints for a tiny glass birdhouse. Bought hand cast pewter bird charms (lovely!) from Mamacita Beadworks in New York and can't wait for delivery.

Will start making the tiny birdhouse while the next enameled glass piece fires.

Got inspired and feather-brained and made this 'W' is for Wren necklace, with brass components and a fused glass tile with a letter 'W' attached.

Just adorable, love it. It's folksy and quaint and has a feeling of spring, with berries and birds and warm tones.

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