Friday, June 12, 2009

Scorch the Wire, Color of Fire

Here are some photos sent to me by Lorelei Eurto, to show me how she's using these forged silver links to make the coolest bracelets, I just love them! And her handmade clasp matches with the links so beautifully.

She used a three-link oval set, and inside one of the links she wired in a beautiful lampwork glass bead for a ZING of color, she calls it "Memory Keeper." FUN - isn't she clever? These are the fourteen-gauge wire links, nice and chunky but still light.

Thank you, Lorelei! I just love this bracelet, it's so summery and fun.

These links in the photos below were just recently made with the eighteen-gauge wire I brought back from Glasshopper Studio on my field trip last weekend, and it's DEFINITELY more difficult to fuse than the twelve or fourteen gauge, the wire heats up faster and it's easy to overheat the link and create a ball-end piece of wire instead of a loop that's fused. Ooops! Happens quickly ... don't blink!

It doesn't seem like the smaller wire and the smaller diameter links would be harder, but they are, believe me. I always fuse the smallest diameter links first, then add the larger diameter links afterward.

Even being careful, I still managed to melt one loop beyond repair, but I've learned to always prepare extra links, just in case.

I did get a nice patina on all of these though, it's a lovely golden-blue color. Maybe because of the humidity, it's been raining a lot lately.

Thanks again, Lorelei, for showing me the beautiful bracelet!

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SummersStudio said...

Lorelei is a very clever and imaginative designer. The links you are making are beautiful.