Saturday, August 15, 2009

Looking To Face Past, Looking at Past Faces

Today has been a truly mixed media day, but very productive. I worked in several media, changing from one to another as the needs of each changed.

I wanted to pour some more resin words like the ones I've been making into charms. First the molds had to be prepared, and the first layer of resin poured. That had to sit for a while, so I changed to glass.

I ground the edges of some fused glass cabochons and put them in the kiln to fire polish the edges.

While the kiln ramped up, I made some glass word charms and got them all ready to solder together. When the glass cooled, I got the faux gemstones ready to use in making charms and dangles.

Back and forth, all day. Between casting pewter and casting resin. Between grinding and firing glass.

There's a method to the madness though. I've got the entire week of Labor Day off from the day job. So I'm trying to get as many components and things prepared ahead of time as I can, so I can spend the week working on designs.

For me, that's a good way to spend time off --- in the studio.

I wanted these charms to look like something from an advertisement, maybe from one of the British colonies way back before the turn of the century. The back sides have an advertisement on them, the fronts have lovely faces, interesting words and rhinestones. I've had them on my mind for weeks, and finally found the time to create some!

Very jazzy, and what I have to show so far for what I did today. Now I have to keep my hands off the resin and let it cure overnight. No touching, no peeking!

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Sissy Sparrows said...

Beautiful work....I just love the scrolls that you put around your pieces, very creative!