Monday, January 17, 2011


In the months since I packed up the studio and relocated, I have not been working in glass as much as I used to.

For the simple reason that I haven't unpacked all the tools for it.

I need to cut and fuse some glass, to make some faux gems.

But I had this one left over from another session, so I finally made it into a connector piece.

I don't know if you're this way, too, but for me it's "out of sight, out of mind" and I forget about things.

I need to go root around in all the boxes in the studio.

Who knows what else I'll find that inspires me! It's like Christmas every day.


NuminosityBeads said...

Definitely! I've gotten to the point that my supply stashes are kind of like going to a shop for inspiration.
I've been doing a lot of rooting around and it's refreshing to find components that spark and idea.

It's kind of like my cupboards in my kitchen. I always like to have the spices and condiments readily available so I can cook up some sort of ethnic food on the spot without having to take a trip to the grocery.

I love that piece that you made too.

xoxo Kim

SummersStudio said...

Definitely, I'm an out of sight out of mind. Maybe that's why I have such a mess of things all over my work benches. Wouldn't want to have anything tucked away out of sight. That's a lovely piece of glass in that connector.

For My Sweet Daughter said...

I am def. like that with supplies and books. I will pull from my old books for new ideas. I love what you have done with this piece. It gave me an idea for a piece of glass I have lying around from trying my hand at fusing over the summer (have to in summer because where my kiln is it's -4 right now). Did you wrap the glass in copper tape and then solder? Thanks, Shannon C